About Me – SkinnyKookoo

Aboriginal people have a rare beauty that many people never get to see. We love to sit around and tell stories and laugh about nothing. So what is there to get, you ask? Nothing, absolutely nothing at all.

SkinnyKookoo is about me and a way for me to show the humour, that I have had the opportunity to experience throughout my life. It is my intent to tell stories, some based on real events that have brought joy and laughter into my life, and some elaborate exaggerations.

If there’s one thing people from my home community have always been, it’s honest. Sometimes this honesty can seem harsh and hurtful, but on the contrary. It is exactly what it is, plain and simple honesty. I have always found humour and maybe even beauty in this “brutal honesty” as I call it.

There were times as a child someone would be taking about me to my mom or dad or grandparents and I would be standing right there. They would never ask me the numerous questions they had. I would often say to myself, why don’t they just ask me, I’m standing right here? I would give my head a shake and laugh to myself. Shasheebs (the nerve) I would often say.

I have seen humility and kindness in Aboriginal people. We are not afraid to laugh at our own misfortune and tell a story about it and we are also not afraid to share what little we may have with anyone else around.

It’s these precious memories of my culture that I love and am proud to know. It is why I want to share my stories as ridiculous and low budget as they will be. It will be through humour that a lot of you will not get, but for those that do get it, you will cherish the laughs and be reminded of similar stories and similar family members.

I want Aboriginal people to grow in success and show the world the kind of people we really are, funny, loving, caring and humble people.

Miigwech (Thank You)